concierge security

Image Is Everything.

A community’s image matters from the first point of contact a future resident encounters as they enter the lobby, to the speed and efficiency in which their issues are resolved as residents. That first impression, the initial contact when a prospect approaches the front desk to make an inquiry, will shape their lasting impression, thus forming the foundation of their entire experience. Question: do your residents consider your building their home?

Success in property management is measured by unique metrics: occupancy rates, average revenue per unit, expense control, and cash flow.

From the perspective of the end users, how your residents speak to their experiences can arguably exert the greatest impact. Are their needs met consistently and with the right attitude? Would they refer a friend? Treating your residents as customers takes a certain mindset, because that is precisely what they are. They are your customers. Every successful business knows how much more it costs to replace lost customers than to retain the existing ones. The expression “a happy customer tells one person, an unhappy customer puts in on the internet for the world to see,” rings true.

Ingage understand that your situation is as unique as your fingerprint, and deserves to be managed as such.

Above all, the most critical metric is Net Operating Income (NOI). If budgeted NOI is not met or exceeded, little else matters. To understand that, we had to understand you and your needs. It is here that Ingage Concierge Security will be your partner in creating not only a terrific first impression, but also in building a lasting experience, one that will aid in keeping occupancy high and that NOI on budget.


Ingage Concierge Security will…

…be your front line team.

…add value, quantifiable and consistent stakeholder value. As an integral part of the sales process, the Ingage Team is crossed trained to be your gatekeepers as well as your concierge, your ancillary leasing agents.

Ingage will provide the collaborative approach you need in molding your residents’ experience.