corporate security


It has never been more challenging to be a Chief Officer, the Leader, or the Decision Maker. You deal with Stakeholder Overload, Board Engagement issues, Investors, Talent Mobility or lack thereof and of course…a never ending, ever-tightening string of regulatory mechanisms.

You are expected to have lucid answers to the most pressing questions in current business sectors: Where will growth come from? Will it lay solely in innovation? Will it come from an aggressive M&A strategy to enter new markets?

Or will it come from new synergistic alliances to leverage your best assets?

And just when you have these in hand, the board pushes Succession Planning. Being the decision maker brings a host of responsibilities and obligations and few are as glamorous as people would believe.

These matters require your complete focus, as well they should. And while Security also requires your attention, it should not be something you have to worry about. Consider the safety; and when necessary; monitoring of your key personnel from competitor tampering, your trade secrets and intellectual property against corporate theft, and the integrity of your facilities. These cannot be the one area that you choose to glance over.

Ingage Security was created by a team of diverse professionals, some of course from the law enforcement arena. Several were CEO’s of their own companies, leaders that were forced to deal with the aftermath of being unprepared for some of these very real challenges. They learned and adapted, they rebuilt. This team knows what you deal with because they themselves ran the same gauntlet.

Ingage understands all too well the consequences of being unprepared or under-equipped. We lived it. We survived it. We adapted and re-entered the marketplace stronger and more balanced.

ingage executive protection


Specializing in Executive Protection, or E.P., Ingage is an industry leader. How do we know that such a bold statement is warranted? Answer: Ingage Principals are frequently called upon to train officers of other agencies; including private sector firms, federal law enforcement and government organizations.

Individuality is the key to E.P. because every client’s privacy and right to confidentiality are absolute maxims at Ingage. Building rapport between the client and the Ingage Team is paramount and forms the foundation of everything we do.

Using the Secret Service model, all details and scenarios are taken into consideration prior to and during every assignment. Ingage Security will adapt to any situation, and offers a wide range of protections. Depending on your needs, the engagement may include individual or team details, armed and unarmed officers, transportation options, advanced inspections and final reporting.

ingage us as your complete corporate security partner, and keep your focus where it belongs…on leading your company.