events & conventions

When we wanted to learn more about what you wanted in a security provider, we decided to ask you. You. Your associates and colleagues, your fellow major event professionals.

What kept you awake at night? What made you feel the most disconnected from your event and client? Ultimately…what mattered most?

We asked and we listened. You told us that:

  • Image and presentation were everything! People have very long memories when it comes to mistakes or any disruption to their experience.
  • The ideal company should think and act as an extension of the event staff.
  • A well-informed team should be fully integrated, from overnight coverage to early morning to supervisory personnel.
  • They should know the players involved, building management, logistics contacts and facilities/maintenance personnel.
  • They should know how to help your attendees get around. Not only the event, but the immediate area surrounding the venue.
  • They should convey your event’s unique brand and identity.
  • They should blend crowd control and movement, presence and customer service into a fluid implementation, an implementation you knew you could count on
  • Special events are unique with their own identity. You made it clear that your event is unlike any other. And you want a provider that you can ultimately hold accountable.

Ingage will provide the collaborative approach you need in molding your event’s experience.