industrial & institutional security


What do you consider your most valued assets? Many would say their physical plant, campus or facilities. You can include equipment, inventory, control systems, financials and IT infrastructure on that list. To say nothing of their human capital and proprietary knowledge, which in today’s global marketplace, could very well be THE most valued assets your organization has. They may not all always appear on the balance sheet, but you have assets across the spectrum.

Ask yourself: What do you do to provide your employees a working environment safe from both external and internal factors? How are you handling the ever growing issue of workplace violence? Do your people feel safe while not also feeling “watched”? Do visitors? Would they tell you? What happens after 5p?

We all know that people notice everything, especially when they are looking for something to be out of place; stakeholders, strategic partners, competitors, all of them. They all notice and they all remember.

These matters require your complete focus, as well they should. And while Security also requires your attention, it should not be something you have to worry about. Consider the safety; and when necessary; monitoring of your key personnel from competitor tampering, your trade secrets and intellectual property against corporate theft, and the integrity of your facilities. These cannot be the one area that you choose to glance over.

Ingage Security LLC was created by a team of diverse professionals, some of course from the law enforcement arena. Several however, were CEO’s of their own companies and managers working in private sector, leaders that were forced to deal with the aftermath of being unprepared for some of these very real challenges. They learned their lessons and adapted, they rebuilt. This team knows what you deal with because they themselves ran the same gauntlet.

Ingage us to create and implement your integrated corporate security initiative, and keep your focus where it belongs…on leading your company.