Sometimes the words themselves freak people out. The truth is this: it is a critical aspect of the vetting process for new candidates and should be neither skipped nor ignored. The current proliferation of cannabis consumption notwithstanding, a business has the right to determine whether or not testing positive is grounds for disqualification or termination.
As I discussed in a previous posting, if you require drug tests prior to employment, we recommend using Ten Panel Screening. If you choose to outsource, LabCorp and Quest will set up corporate accounts for you. If you decide to keep everything “in-house” (which is ABSOLUTELY your right), a number of websites offer a wide range of affordable products. 
(*I am not endorsing any one choice, simply presenting information)
Both options have pros and cons. For example, in house provides faster result delivery, but because those results are not being reviewed by an objective Medical Review Officer (MRO), questions about impartiality can arise more easily than if performed in a state licensed 3rd party lab.                    
When can a drug test be administered? Not just during the hiring process;
1. Before a formal job offer is made.
2. Upon reasonable suspicion. Has the employee been behaving erratically? Are they suddenly acting out of character? Where once you could set your watch by their punctuality, performance, or customer interaction, you can no longer.
3. Post injury or workplace incident. Opioids are much more prevalent here. The addiction rates for these compounds are staggering and can sneak up on anyone.
4. Upon returning to work after a disciplinary violation.
5. As a follow-up to treatment in a program.
6. Random. This one should be handled with kid gloves. It is the definition of a slippery slope.

Above all, use your head. We are talking about real people with real lives. A little compassion rarely hurts.

Stay Safe.