The Importance of Drills and Exercises in Critical Event Management

When a critical event occurs, people’s lives depend on clear, accurate and timely communications. Does your team know what to do in a crisis? Preparation is key to mitigating the stress of an incident. The best way to build that vital muscle memory is through practice.

We have some expert tips for you highlighting the importance of drills and exercises as part of your larger crisis management plan. When used in conjunction with a Critical Communications product, regular drills and exercises can enhance your ability to respond and communicate during crisis, saving lives, time and money when every minute counts.

In this ebook, with the help of Dr. Steven Goldman, Director, Crisis Courses at MIT you’ll learn:

  • How to keep everyone on the same page and ready to fulfill their role during a crisis.
  • Why practice will help you identify and close the gaps in your crisis plan.
  • How a Critical Communications system keeps your employees informed, connected and safe during a critical event.