Let’s face it. Nobody can be everywhere all the time. You can’t constantly be patrolling the grounds yourself while managing the business. You cannot track the coming and goings, the high volume of traffic, who’s taking what where and when, etc. But you can’t trust just anyone to look out for your company.

To keep their employees safe and protect their company’s property and reputation, more and more businesses have been hiring professional security. Though it’s already a multi-billion dollar industry, the sector is projected to keep growing. Why has it taken the world by storm? Keep reading.

Most corporations and organizations would benefit from some added security measures, but there are some facilities where having professional security guards on-site is crucial to maintaining a safe environment and staying in business. In some cases, armed security is required.
If any of the following descriptions apply to you, now is the time to consider hiring professional security.

1. Your business is located in a high-crime area: Enough said.
2. You manage a 3rd Party Logistics/Shipping facility. These are frequent targets of vandalism, theft & spillage, but professional security greatly mitigate the losses. How? Among other things, keeping close track of who enters/leaves the property, verifying and documenting visitors, being visible deterrence.
*Unfortunately, employees are 15X more likely to be the culprits. Unfortunate, but true.
3. You deal with expensive materials & equipment: Businesses with like this need professional security guards to watch over the items stored on their grounds. As I referenced in a previous article, lost time and money here can add up fast.
4. You sell luxury retail items: Retailers that sell high-end products often rely on security guards to deter thieves, monitor suspicious activity, and keep store lines orderly. The right firm also adds to that “Velvet Rope” image. Also, remember what I said about employees?
5. You manage an industrial facility. See #2.
6. You manage a residential community, or High-Rise: With a professional security (or the hybrid we offer, “Concierge Security”) on duty, residents can relax knowing that trespassing, packages, visitors, deliveries and most importantly, safety issues, will be handled properly.
7. You manage commercial buildings. Here, security not only monitors entry and egress, but can also deter disgruntled former employees, assist when needing a newly terminated employee escorted from the premises, and God Forbid, be able to quickly call 911 should someone come attempting to do harm.

We cannot ignore the fact that these things happen. Everyday.

In my next post, I will talk about what to look for in a Security Company. Until next time…